My name is Samantha and welcome to my site. For 20 years, I have worked towards the goal of being a published author. After achieving that in 2016, I felt that the next step was helping others with their publishing journey. This lead me to join Julie Casey at Amazing Things Press. I now am a part owner and have the privilege of assisting local and regional authors reach their own dream of being published.

When I am not working with a new author or creating content, I am teaching at Missouri Western State University as an Adjunct English Instructor. I also love cross-stitching, loving on my animals, and hanging out with my family.

For more information, check out my blog for updates on what I am working on, Q&A session with characters, and so much more.


The Thornless Rose: Fire Blush


A single night can change a person indefinitely. After a vicious attack, a new and dangerous ability awakens in Viviana. Now she can manipulate fire and it’s fueled by her emotions. On top of this, she is having a difficult time controlling herself with all the skeletons she keeps finding in her family’s closet. With this new ability, she must seek training to keep herself from harming others. Scared to leave everyone she loves behind but afraid of losing control at any moment, she must embark on a journey to the Sun Shrine in the kingdom of Calestius for help. Along the way, she will learn secrets of the past that will change her forever.

Published by Amazing Things Press